“Free art… it’s original!”

5 Jul

I think you know you have a successful opening when you run out of beer in the first hour or two. There was a great turn out at the opening for Paper Girl Austin, a lot of people making art, some bringing in work, and others just walking around observing it all. The next weekend when all the art was rolled up we had about 60-70 rolls to be handed out. It was hot as ever, but the 15-20 of us were ready to ride. Though I could of hoped for more to come out to the give away, everyone who joined was excited and stoked to hit the streets. It’s an indescribable rush handing out art, especially as you ride on your bike. There was an array of reactions, some people were shocked & dumb founded, some happy & very thankful, and others flat out denied our offer. It was nice to see a range of reactions… I mean hey if you don’t want the art, then fine you don’t have to have it. Who knows what happened to the art… some of it could be in the trash, some of it could be framed hanging on someone’s wall, but that is something we probably won’t know. The important thing about Papergirl is the action of the artists willing to donate their work and the action of the riders giving it away to the public, saying hey we are here and life is good.

(video to come soon!)


Some Paper Girl Press!

5 Jul





Zee Opening!

4 Jul






Sup Atx?

25 Jun